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I’ve always left my treatments with Rechelle feeling much better than when I arrived. Even so, after a bike accident left me with a broken tooth, a fractured root and a fracture bone I did not expect much. My dentist had told me to wait and see and was not very hopeful. After a few treatments with Rechelle and the deep tissue laser therapy my dentist and I were shocked at my recovery. A tooth that was previous loose was now much stronger and the pain was greatly diminished. My expectations were more than surpassed and I attribute my quick recovery to the treatments I received from Rechelle.

Jeanette Sheehy

The understanding and experience of pain is subjective. Such at least is my experience and I can only get through it because Rechelle McLean is, first and foremost, a complete professional and is attuned through her clinical skills to what I am experiencing and able to adjust her treatment to the amount of pain I feel. The treatment is still very painful but I get through it and quite unbelievable, I actually feel better leaving than when I came. In this way, Rechelle has kept me moving through pain for the last 2 years and I can still play a darn good game of tennis. Thanks Rechelle.

Carol Wilcox

My hands are greatly improved after the course of laser treatments. As you know, arthritis is the underlying cause of the stiffness and swollen joints and over stressing my hands through use of a power hammer caused so much inflammation that I had little flexibility in my hands. I struggled to write as it was difficult to hold the pen. After the treatments and stretching I can actually make a fist – I never thought I would regain sufficient flexibility to do that. The improvement is truly remarkable! Thank you!!

Marilyn McNamara

Three weeks ago I turned my ankle while hiking down a steep slope.  After a week or more of laser treatment at  ClearWater Wellness Clinic, I began to notice a definite healing of my ankle which had been so painful, I thought I had broken it.  Now after continuing laser treatment for a couple of more treatments, it has healed completely and I am back to tennis and hiking.  This  treatment is quite remarkable and I have already recommended it to other friends who have had pain and stiffness in areas of trauma.


Now that it’s been two weeks since I stopped carrying my wallet in my back pocket, and my spine seems to be getting better every day, I am becoming (at last) aware of the positive impact of the laser work you did months ago on that old rib/spine injury (a few vertebrae below the site of the wallet-displaced one). I am really grooving on the metaphor of how I managed to mask the healing impacts of the laser (which I would say at this point may be unprecedented in almost 30 years of seeking treatment) on that old injury by perpetuating the problem anew with my own actions….There is some very powerful wisdom in this story for me: about how healing works (or doesn’t) and the differences between causes of imbalances being perceived as “beyond my control” and those “in my control”. Anyway, I wanted to share that because I thought you might enjoy reflecting on it too – and because I want to let you know that I think the laser work you did has really really helped.


When I turned 57 I enjoyed a few too many parties and gained about 10 pounds in a short time. This possibly threw out my back and I hobbled around James Bay for a month hoping the pain would go away in my right leg. My friend said Rechelle helped her with a variety of issues using a vast array of restorative techniques. The month before I found Rechelle, my pain was about a 9 out of 10 with each step. After a week of three visits my pain is now down to about a 6 out of 10. Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Laser therapies are helping me walk straight once again. I am very confident that the exercises Rechelle showed me, as well as the therapies I am receiving, I’ll be back to my old self before long. 

Many thanks.

Catherine McCrory, ECE

 Rechelle is a talented professional who respects the privacy of her clients. Using her years of training and experience Rechelle thoughtfully treats and advises people towards improved well-being. Her competent, gentle manner lets you know you are in capable hands.

Carla Braidek

I am a dragon boater and long distance runner which takes a toll on my body. Rechelle has been able to effectively treat problem areas through acupuncture, massage and laser technology. I highly recommend Rechelle for her in depth knowledge and passion for her practice. She is caring and personal and excellent work at a reasonable cost.

Petra Parker

I’ve known Rechelle for well over 5 years. She pays particular attention to her clients and their specific requirements. She is thorough in her work. I use Rechelle’s services on a monthly basis to help in managing my diabetes.

Jim Ferguson

A belated great thank you for the relief that your cold laser therapy gave me during my shingles attack.The pain and itching from the shingles was unbaiting and severe.  Your treatment stopped the pain and itch and was drug free.Thank you for your healing.

Sue Houston

I have seen Rechelle as an acupuncturist and found her to be a caring and skilled practitioner . She has a keen mind and a highly developed intuition. I would recommend her to anyone.

Mary Jane

Rechelle McLean is my secret to recovery. I am a Hairstylist (a physically demanding career) who has suffered from all kinds of serious injuries, some dating as far back as 15 years. When I first started to be treated by Rechelle, two years ago, I was in rough shape and was suffering from constant pain and I was concerned that due to my issues my career may have been coming to an involuntary end. With regular scheduled visits, and laser treatments when things were acute, I soon became healthy and restored. Her talent, kindness, and obvious passion for healing others is what keeps me eagerly coming back. I find her to be incredibly experienced, intuitive and knowledgeable and she is always happy to go the extra mile to aid in a speedy recovery. Of all of the experts, specialists and doctors that I have seen regarding my injuries and pain no one has gotten results for me like Rechelle has; I trust her implicitly.

Terrianne Clare

An old foot injury returned right before I was supposed to leave on a two week mountaineering trip. Luckily, Rechelle helped me recover in about two weeks with laser treatments. Wouldn’t have been able to go without her!”

Jes Scott

Blessings Rechelle:  Thanks for your Expertise!

Woke up with a broken blood vessel in my eye ~ not only did I look scary ~ but it was scary Rechelle spent a lot of time and effort to release and relax blocked Chi. This morning when I woke up my BLACK eye looks and feels so much better. Thanks so much for your knowledge, time and talent spent on my behalf.

Warm regards  Bonnie Hardy

I have been working with Rechelle McLean for nearly a year. She has held a loving and powerful space for healing all sort of different health issues and challenges that have been arising for me. Rechelle is an integral practitioner, who works with different modalities and approaches. She is able to discern, as she works with me, which one will be the most appropriate and effective in relation to what I need help with. My whole nervous system is stronger, more alive, and more resilient, as a result of the work I have done with her. She is a great resource in this community and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Shayla Wright coach, mentor, writer, facilitator 

I don’t know what you did to me but I feel like my normal self today.. No depression, energy, smiling and laughing. Thank you!!  You’re amazing. I worked tonight and I am now laughing and talking easier with my mother in law.

Linda G

I arrived at Rechelle’s in intense physical pain from Plantar Fasciitis and complicated knee surgery. With several visits, Rechelle’s immense knowledge and expertise skills in acupuncture, laser therapy and massage remedied my pain. Her warm, optimistic attitude also helped lift my depression about my situation. Rechelle is a gem and I highly recommend her.

Yanina Jezek

 I felt so relaxed & limber when I got home last night, less pain during sleep & pretty good today too. Really enjoyed the treatment with you !👍😃 Cheers .. Lynn

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the great health and healing you have given me! After my last appointment, I got the toe spacer as suggested-and a foam roller, and went to Dr who also does not think it is arthritis and I am dancing again! So happy and grateful-thank you.


Rechelle you are a treasure. I feel nurtured,informed and healed during your sessions. Combining the massage and the acupuncture is so powerful ! Thank you


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